Laurie Sargeson

Laurie Sargeson

I was and am pleasantly surprised at the efficiency LMIT work at. I thought it would be just another training organisation out to make a dollar and would do what had to be done to reach that end. I am happy to say I was wrong and this was evidenced from the in initial phone conversation and all subsequent communication. The learning material is easy to navigate through and first class informative presentations, all the units are relevant, valid to the topic and reliable because it is consistent with the outcome. A very satisfying unit completed.

The training consultant evidenced topic knowledge and is conversant with the course. Easy to contact and never missed returning a phone call. It is satisfying to know there is always a direction available and that the pressure of timelines is not a consideration when the going gets tough, help and assistance is readily available and the tough get going.

Motivation and simple just doing it is rewarding, but to do it with a company that is caring, thoughtful and considerate to the individual need is rare to find. LMIT are focused, dedicated to the student success and most certainly caring, thoughtful and considerate.

For me it is formal recognition of my skills and abilities, doing the job and doing it well is satisfying but having your name attached as “Lead auditor” is so much better.

Thank you

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Laurie SargesonDiploma of Quality Auditing

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