Chris Bartlett

Chris Bartlett

From the outset and first contact I have received high quality service from LMIT staff, from the Trainer/ Assessor to the Customer Service Representative. They contacted me more than I contacted them. When I needed help or information it was courteously handled and monitored until I had achieved or received what I needed.

Initially I struggled with the portal, but that was me not the technology. Once I had spent a bit of time to familiarise myself it worked for me. I like the toggles, and the explanations are clear. I worried about the submission process and attaching files, but put that behind me until the time came to submit. The documentation was clear and the advice notes and messages from the Trainer/Assessor more than met my needs.

When Jessica said that someone would be in touch in a set period of time she spoke the truth. If it was financial or course related LMIT were on the ball and the emails always addressed my query or need. I commented to Jessica a couple of times how pleasant it was and how, for example, when I added TAE50211 actions were immediate. I was impressed.

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Chris BartlettDiploma of VET

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