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QLD Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation
Study mode
Face-to-face delivery
5 days
8.30am till 4.00pm
$1000 p/p inc GST
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– upfront payment
– credit card, bank deposit,invoice
In-house training available upon request.

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RTO No. 31966

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This face to face workshop will provide delegates with the skills and knowledge they require to enable them to fulfil the role of a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) in Queensland, as set down in Section 72 of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011.

A HSR must understand the WHS laws – their coworkers are depending on it. In this course participants will learn about the laws they have to follow to keep their workmates safe. We’ll teach them about the obligations of a WHS representative and they’ll also get a grounding in relevant legislation.

This course is conducted in accordance with the criteria set by the Division of Workplace Health and Safety.

This face to face workshop will provide participants with information and skills to assist Health and Safety Representatives to carry out their role and functions under the WHS legislation including:

  • an understanding of the new Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation;
  • an understanding of how it applies to their role as elected HSRs and deputy HSRs; and
  • the knowledge and skills necessary to use their additional powers under the WHS legislation to issue PINs and direct that unsafe work cease.

The course is intended to assist HSRs understand their roles and functions as to how the WHS legislation will influence health and safety outcomes in their workplace. The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfil their role as HSRs.

Event dates

Date Location
10 – 14 October 2016 Brisbane
31 October – 4 November 2016 Toowoomba
5 – 9 December 2016 Brisbane
27 February – 3 March 2017 Toowoomba

Who should attend

Workers who have been elected HSRs under the WHS Act who have requested approved training to gain an understanding of the management of work health and safety under the WHS legislation and their role and entitlements as HSRs.

Outcome of the course

The aims of this course are to provide Health and Safety Representatives with information and skills relating to:

  • WHS Act legislative framework
  • The role and functions of WHSQ and their interaction with HSRs
  • Duties and responsibilities of (persons conducting a business or undertaking) PCBUs, officers, workers and other parties under the legislation
  • The nature of the consultation process with workers as required of the primary PCBU by the Act
  • The purpose and formation of a workgroup (or workgroups) within the workplace
  • Election process for HSRs / Deputy HSRs and disqualification provisions
  • Health and Safety Committees (HSCs)
  • The entitlements, rights and protections of an elected HSR/Deputy HSR
  • Using negotiation, communication and problem solving skills and strategies as a HSR to represent a work group and to resolve work health and safety issues
  • Risk management and the use of risk controls, including the duties and responsibilities of various PCBUs under the legislation
  • How HSRs can use their functions and powers to contribute to risk management activities in the workplace
  • PINs and the right to cease, or direct the cessation of, unsafe work.


Persons eligible for the WHSQ HSR Training are HSRs or deputy HSRs elected under the WHS Act.

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Ken Golden

With over 20 years’ experience Ken is highly experienced and qualified in the field of Work Health and Safety. Ken expertly designs, develops and delivers public and in-house courses for LMIT. Ken keeps himself current with industry by regularly performing a range of WHS activities from WHSMS development and implementation, investigating incidents, workplace safety audits, SWMS, Test and Tag, emergency preparedness management and mentoring programs.

He has had a 33-year career with the Australian Regular Army and is a current Active Reservist – and holds appropriate Security Clearances. He does volunteer Pro Bono work as a Fire Safety Advisor for the Southport Sporting Shooters Association Pistol Club and Mentors to Dreamworld WHS Department.

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This course is non-competency based and has no formal assessment. Informal assessment of participant attendance and learner engagement only, has been chosen as the most appropriate option for this course. The facilitator will act as the assessor in this process.

Assessment decision

Facilitators will make a decision about the attendance and engagement of participants relevant to the learning outcomes/expected learner applications to determine whether an attendance certificate should be issued to the participant.

*Recognition of Assessment

(formally know as RPL)

There are no provisions for RPL within the context of this approved training course.

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