On December 18th 2012 the Workplace Health and Safety Qualifications were endorsed by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC).

What Does This Mean For You? When you enrol into the Cert IV/ Diploma OHS now – upon completion you will receive the latest Cert IV/ Diploma WHS Qualification.

Please Note:If you want to enrol into the Diploma OHS you must have completed a Cert IV OHS.

The Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Health and Safety) is ideal if you have had experience in OHS/WHS management or have been an OHS/WHS Officer and looking to progress your career as a Safety Manager.

This qualification provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to coordinate, manage and maintain the OHS program within an organisation.

Occupational Health and Safety FAQs

What will be my Job Title when I finish?

After successfully completing the Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety (Workplace Health and Safety), you will have the Qualification allowing you to work in any industry as a:

  • OHS/WHS Manager
  • OHS/WHS Practitioner or
  • Senior OHS/WHS Officer

Diploma Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Download the Diploma Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Course Outline

What is the Course Structure?

The Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety includes EIGHT (8) units.

Please refer to the table below for the units of competency and learning outcomes for the Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety.

Unit of Competency Learning Outcomes
Participate in the coordination and maintenance of a systematic approach to managing OHS
Participate in the development of an OHS plan, support the implementation of the systematic approach to managing OHS, participate in monitoring OHS and review the management of OHS.
Participate in the management of the OHS information and data systems
Access sources of OHS information and data, assist in maintaining the data, identify trends and actions for prevention, communicate OHS information to stakeholders and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of OHS information.
Assist in the design and development of OHS
participative arrangements
Identify, design, develop, implement and evaluate participative arrangements.
Apply principles of OHS risk
Access information and data to identify hazards, assess and control risk associated with hazards and maintain, monitor and review risk management processes.
Manage hazards in the work
Access information about the work environment to identify hazardous conditions, analyse the work environment to assess risk, and control and monitor the effectiveness of the control strategy.
Monitor and facilitate the
management of hazards associated with plant
Identify, analyse, control and review hazards arising from the use of plant, recommend controls for hazards associated with maintenance activities and identify and advise on licensing and certification issues associated with plant and equipment. 
Facilitate the application of
principles of occupational health to control OHS risk
Identify the potential for adverse effects on health from agents, work systems and people in the workplace, develop strategies to communicate occupational health information and monitor, review and evaluate the occupational health program.
Participate in the investigation of incidents
Facilitate initial assessment of the situation, collect information and data for analysis, identify immediate and underlying causes and practical prevention measures and compile investigation reports.

Our Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety has TWO (2) versions of delivery:

OHS Standard Version

  • Standard support – Email, Instant Messaging and Student Forums.
  • Online Self-Paced Content – Access to our online multimedia learning platform.
  • 12 Months Access — Get access to your course content and learning platform for TWELVE (12) months.

OHS Premium Version

  • Premium Support—standard support plus phone support so you can call your trainer any time you have a question.
  • Premium Content—Standard plus you get access to live online classes (VELP) with our expert OHS Trainer each month.
  • Learning Guarantee* — Get access to your course content and learning platform for TWELVE (12) months plus you get a free THREE (3) month course extension if required.

*Learning Guarantee:

Line Management guarantees you will be successful in obtaining your qualification in the TWELVE (12) month timeframe or we will offer you a free THREE (3) month extension in which to complete your qualification. You must be deemed to be on track for completion in order to receive free THREE (3) month extension.

Virtual E-Learning Pro (VELP)

VELP is the premium way to study your Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety online. You get to study your course online at your own pace PLUS you gain the premium extra of attending live online classes with an Expert OHS Trainer after hours!

  • Have the option to attend a total of 12 live online training sessions for the duration of your course
  • The live online training sessions are held once a month in a virtual classroom environment - lead by our expert OHS trainers
  • VELP sessions are recorded so you can refer back to important points whenever you like!
  • The live sessions are voluntarily interactive – you can participate and interact with your trainer OR you can also just sit and listen if you wish!
  • Live online interactive training sessions are delivered after hours
  • Ability to discuss common issues amongst other students under supervision of the trainer
  • Combines self-paced learning with live online classes
  • You can participate in the VELP sessions from your own home or office
  • Highly motivating!

View the schedule for the Diploma OHS VELP Program.

*VELP is only available to students enrolled into the Diploma OHS Premium Version.

Online self-paced

Our OHS courses are delivered online and are self-paced, allowing completion of your course in the comfort of your own home or office, giving you the convenience and flexibility to study when you wish. You will have access to all the user friendly learning resources you need to complete your course.
You will have a timeframe of TWELVE (12) months to complete your qualification from the date you enrol. When you enrol into your course with LMIT, your log on details and access to your course materials and assessment will be sent to you almost straight away, allowing you to begin your course.

Recognition Assessment

If you already have the skills and knowledge required for all or part of the Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety, you will be able to use our Recognition Assessment process. Let us know if you would like some additional information on this and we can organise for one of our trainers to give you a call!