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What Makes a Great Boss?

What Makes a Great Boss?

As you pursue your professional and career dreams, you might find that leadership fits in with your future plans. Whether you’re aiming to excel in a management position or head an entire company, you’ll need the skills to be a successful and effective boss.

So, what does it take? How can you become a leader who is considered fair and just while keeping both the needs of the business and its people in mind?

A great boss is one who is approachable.

We’ve all had managers who we may have felt to be intimidating. While a certain level of authority is a positive quality in a leader, he or she should be accessible when needed. Remaining open and communicative helps a leader to earn respect and admiration. It also ensures his or her directions are shared plainly, in a style that allows for criticism and suggestion. Such a leader has a healthy ego, and knows that humility is necessary for the most effective guidance.

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Top leaders always are focused on people.

Managers and executives may be in charge for the purpose of keeping business at its best, but no company can stay afloat without its employees. The best leaders remember this, and view all staff as integral to success. Focusing on workers as individuals is key. If a team’s strength is built on its members, then capable leaders will bring out the best in each member. This means ample one-on-one time and an emphasis on continual skills development for all.

The most effective managers help to build a unified workplace.

Hierarchy can be healthy, but when the balance of power feels tilted, discontent is stirred. Organisations that have a clearly-defined structure that also celebrates democracy and emphasises community allow for better equanimity. Everyone’s voices feel heard, and they enjoy working as part of a team.

A visionary leader inspires and motivates.

There are definite styles of leadership that many bosses ascribe to. A well-rounded leader utilises all of these when necessary, avoiding dictatorial methods as much as possible. The best of leaders seem to be those who get their team moving by ushering them towards a common vision. When workers can dream of the success of the business overall, and see their own unique place in it, everyone begins striving toward a united goal.

It’s not necessarily about being well-liked, but decisive.

Being in a position of leadership is not about winning friends. There is certainly a balance between remaining an approachable and positive boss and being a tough and dependable leader. While most employees dislike being tightly controlled and micromanaged, there is security in the knowledge that one’s superiors do have everything under control. The best way to display this is through building authority and having strong, decisive leadership. Employees respect those who can make and stick to solid decisions that are rooted in wisdom and fairness.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

There’s no time like the present to get started on becoming the guiding force you hope to become in the professional world. A great first step is enrolling in a comprehensive diploma or certificate program. With a qualification under your belt, you’ll be ready to tackle the career of your choice. Contact our team at LMIT today to get started.


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