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What jobs will see the most growth in Australia’s future?

What jobs will see the most growth in Australia’s future?

The future of Australia’s workforce is of great importance to many, from industry leaders, to government officials, to Australian residents. Economists and researchers have given much time and study to looking at Australia’s future, and it looks bright. Indications for job prospects over the next 20 years show that the number of opportunities will increase steadily. Experts suggest that Australia is uniquely positioned geographically, socially, and economically (among other factors), to see incredible growth and development.

If you’re currently in the workforce, about to enter the field, or considering a career change, you may be curious as to what jobs will see the most growth in Australia’s future.

Skills & technology

As in years past, skills and technology remain at the forefront of job growth. Particularly now, however, with massive changes in global technology and a move toward mobile, cloud-based applications and programs, the workplace is rapidly changing.  IT skills will certainly be in demand across industries, and according to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook of 2013, IT industry jobs are slated to grow by 22 per cent through the year 2020.

As rapidly-changing technology expands jobs, there will also be a need for higher-level skills and for excellence in management. Managerial positions of all kinds will be a necessity in guiding the new wave of employment to come within the next 20 years.

Australia’s Federal Employment Department indicates that there will be numerous industries showing major growth by 2025. The top 3 over that period will be:

  • health care / social assistance
  • professional, scientific, and technical services
  • education and training.

Each of these is expected to increase by between 500,000 and 800,000 jobs by 2025. It may come as no surprise that these are the industries in which growth is most expected, as such fields play an integral role in the success and well-being of a society.

Top jobs

With 3 industries showing major growth, a variety of jobs in those fields will be on the rise. In the healthcare field, top occupations to look out for include registered nurses, nursing support workers, disabled carers, and aged carers. In fact, many experts believed age care and associated needs will yield significant job growth, as Australia manages an ageing population. Retirement living, community care, and an ageing workforce are just a few of the factors that may contribute to expansion in the healthcare industry and other fields. As care becomes more digital, the requirement for highly-skilled workers in other arenas will also increase.

Professional, scientific, and technical services will see growth across the board. Statistics suggest that the following positions will experience an upswing: sales managers, advertising managers, software developers, programmers, accountants, project administrators, general managers, and electricians. Again, technology is greatly informing these expected outcomes and a need for high-level skills, experience, and guidance will be paramount.

In the same vein, education and training will be important as society moves forward technologically. Education will always be part of the backbone of a healthy society, and its anticipated growth shows that Australia is on the right track. In this field, the top careers will be secondary and primary school teachers, tutors, child carers, and educational aides.

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