TWO brand new qualifications: Cert IV and Diploma of Project Management!

I have some very exciting news…LMIT is now offering two brand new Nationally Recognised qualifications:

  • (BSB41507) Certificate IV in Project Management
  • (BSB51407) Diploma of Project Management

Qualified Project Managers are in great demand across all industry sectors as they help companies achieve greater efficiency, performance and profit by having the ability to meet allocated budgets, organise scarce resources, deliver projects on time and contribute to continuous improvement processes.

If you’re looking at becoming an effective Project Team Member (Cert IV PM) or a Project Manager (Diploma PM), our PM qualifications will give you the skills and knowledge to do this.

Let me ask you this, have ever experienced the following when assigned a new project at work:

  • Had no idea where to begin?
  • Couldn’t meet the deadline?
  • Couldn’t find the resources to do it?
  • Budgets weren’t met?
  • Didn’t have the right team of people behind you?
  • Implemented the project but didn’t know how to monitor the success of it?

If you answered yes to any of these, a course in Project Management may be ideal for you.

Undertaking a course in PM will give you the skills to:

  • Develop accurate project schedules
  • Meet deadlines
  • Track resources
  • Meet budgets
  • Discover ways to be organised, thorough and meticulous
  • Generate maximum team performance and
  • Implement continuous improvement processes

Our Certificate IV in Project Management takes you through the skills and knowledge required to become an effective member of a project team and you will learn the fundamental concepts relating to successful project management. Job titles relevant to this qualification include: Project Coordinator, Project Management Officer or Project Team Member. Click here to view more information on the Cert IV course.

Our Diploma of Project Management is ideal if you have had experience in managing projects, or have been involved as a team member and looking to progress your career as a Project Manager. This course provides you with the skills and knowledge to manage projects from planning them to implementing, monitoring and reviewing them. Job titles relevant to this qualification include: Project Manager, Project Leader, Project Management Facilitator or Project Administrator. Click here to view more information on the Diploma course.

I hope this gives you a clear idea on what our PM courses can do for you. This may even prompt you start a career in Project Management! Please feel to contact us if you would like to discuss your options.

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