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The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Project Manager

The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Project Manager

Across industries, the role of project manager is in great demand. To meet this growing need, successful project managers must stand out amongst the competition. A professional qualification is often vital, and LMIT offers a Certificate IV and a Diploma of Project Management. Yet, in addition to a certification or diploma, successful project managers also need to possess a set of valuable skills to ensure they thrive in the workplace. Here are the top 5 qualities of a top project manager.

Natural Leadership

A project manager serves to lead and unite a team under a common purpose. The best project managers have a natural ability to lead and command; this includes a level of assertiveness and confidence, and an attitude that demands respect. To be effective at managing a group and completing a project in a timely and efficient manner, this individual should have excellent interpersonal skills and be adept at encouraging and motivating others. While leadership can come naturally for some, experience and education also help foster this attribute.

Supreme Attention to Detail

Truthfully, the role of the project manager can be a stressful position. He or she is responsible for overseeing the entirety of a project and connecting with both workers and with clients/customers. There are so many facets involved with any project, and the project manager has an obligation to keep these on track towards completion. This requires enormous attention to detail. The project manager must be able to consider all elements of a project, from larger concerns like budget, to more minute considerations. It’s also vital for a project manager to have an ability to foresee issues or risks that may occur and take careful steps to prevent or avoid these. This can make or break the success of a project, but a successful project manager will have it covered.

Spectacular Organisational Skills

Right alongside attention to detail is the need for superior skills in the area of organisation. A project manager must organise time, supplies, workers, deadlines, clients, legal matters, and much, much more. Keeping on top of these factors is imperative. A wise project manager will know to delegate tasks and responsibilities when appropriate. This organisation should extend to time management: a talented project manager will be constantly aware of time, and make adjustments as needed to allow for the effective continuation of tasks. So many of the important skills a project manager needs are often crossover skills. For instance, under this particular organisational umbrella, you might also add “problem solving.” As a project manager guides the work, inevitable challenges and obstacles may arise. But the accomplished project manager will have foreseen this risk, and already have Plan B alternatives in place. Even if he or she hasn’t anticipated the problem, he or she will be able to creatively devise a workable plan to keep the project going steadily.

Solid Communication Skills

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Working with clients (organisations and businesses) and directing a team requires exceptional communication abilities from a project manager. He or she must fully understand the needs and desires of the client, and then clearly relay these to those involved in the work. This engenders quality cooperation.  Along the same lines, the successful project manager should have an ability to remain calmly authoritative under pressure or when faced with a challenge. This “cool head” means the project manager can react quickly to negative circumstances, fixing issues or refocusing and realigning a project that has gone off track. Being a clear and open communicator also means that others can approach the project manager with ease; this makes sure that any concerns that workers or clients may have are addressed and dealt with straightforwardly.

Invested in the Project

Lastly, the best project managers are fully invested in their projects. This does not necessarily mean that the project manager has a passion for the project or the specific industry, but rather that he or she has a passion for doing good work. A successful project manager wants to give his or her best, every time, and cares a great deal about the client and their needs. Such a project manager will give 100% effort to ensuring the project has the best possible outcome, and meets all requirements in terms of time, scope, and budget. This type of project manager does not merely oversee the work that’s being done, either. Unafraid to get their hands dirty, they will dive in and help in any capacity as needed. The focus is always on doing exceptional work and completing a project with success.

Published by: LMIT