This week’s Occupational Health and Safety News

Below are 4 pieces of OHS related news for this week:

1)      Employee fined over fumes explosion

2)      Safety Alert: Tractor roll-over protective structure (ROPS) limitations

3)      Crane collapse at school

4)      Preparing for Hendra Virus

1) Employee fined over fumes explosion: SafeWork SA has highlighted employee duties following the prosecution of a worker who lit a cigarette near his colleagues who were painting a large pressure vessel. The paint fumes ignited and two of the workers were severely burnt.  View the article here.

2) Safety Alert: Tractor ROPS limitations: an alert has been put out to plant owners/operators, including workers, employers, self employed persons and suppliers, of the circumstances that led to a tractor driver sustaining fatal injuries when the roll-over protective structure (ROPS) attached to the tractor failed during a roll-over incident on a sealed road. Read more about this here.

3) Crane collapse at school: A crane collapsed at a school in Sydney’s south-west, injuring a construction worker. Read more here.

4) Preparing for Hendra Virus: If you have a horse related business, now is a good time to review your risk management systems for Hendra virus in order to protect you, your workers and others from this serious disease. Read more about the Hendra Virus here.

To keep up to date with OHS legislation and safety/ hazard alerts, please refer to our site here.

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