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1)      A new handbook has been released for preventing and responding to bullying at work

2)      News headline: Poor safety to blame for staff turnover and

3)      A new app has been released for assessing workplace risk

1) Bullying is a problem that can occur in any community, particularly in a workplace. So WorkSafe have released a guide to ‘Preventing and responding to bullying at work.’ This guide is to aid those working in the OHS field to comply with relevant laws relating to bullying. You can view the guide here. Along with the guide, here is an employer checklist for preventing and responding to bullying at work. For more information on this and to get access to other guides please visit WorkSafe Victoria.

2) News headline: Companies can be losing up to 10% of their turnover due to poor safety in the workplace. This is costing companies billions of dollars in lost production. Read more about what Professor Patrick Hudson had to say on this matter at a briefing in Melbourne last week here.

3) For those of you with a smart phone you can download a new app called ‘Risk Rate’ here.  This application is designed to help you assess workplace risk quickly and easily.

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