Quality Auditing Training – Conducting a Pre-Audit Discussion

Pre-Audit Discussion Checklist

When you attend the Diploma in Quality Auditing qualification with LMIT you’ll learn how to conduct a pre-audit discussion to determine any specific areas of focus.

In some cases a Lead Auditor or Audit Coordinator may have already carried this step out, in which case you wouldn’t need to, except to obtain the information regarding the discussion from the Lead Auditor or Audit Coordinator.

This is the step where the Lead Auditor makes contact with the auditee and/or relevant parties to confirm the requirement for an audit and arrange the following:

  • Ascertain the audit history, organisational structure and organisational culture
  • Time and date of the audit
  • Confirm the scope of the audit
  • Confirm the process or processes being reviewed
  • Confirm roles and responsibilities of audit team members
  • Confirm the availability of resources required to conduct the audit
  • Confirm the audit criteria, i.e. standards, procedures, policies, etc
  • Confirm agenda and attendees for entry and exit meetings
  • Confirm details of other audit team members and their roles during the audit
  • Ascertain any logistic or health and safety considerations; i.e. a special induction to enter the site, particular safety equipment required, etc.

It is imperative that initial contact be made some time before the audit to confirm the details enabling the auditee to schedule it in. Quality audits in particular are not designed to be ‘surprise’ audits to catch people out.

Allowing the auditee enough time to prepare or schedule it within their ‘busy’ schedule will go along way toward ensuring the auditee cooperates throughout the audit and happily provides the information you need.

It should be noted that within Certification audits, the audits are required to be conducted within certain time frames to comply with Certification rules.

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