Quality Assurance Management Tools and Techniques – Part 3

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Perform Quality Assurance: Outputs

.1 Requested Changes

Quality improvement includes taking action to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the policies, processes, and procedures of the performing organisation, which should provide added benefits to the stakeholders of all projects.

.2 Recommended Corrective Actions

Quality improvement includes recommending actions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the performing organisation. Corrective action is an action that is recommended immediately as a result of quality assurance activities, such as audits and process analyses.

.3 Organisational Process Assets (Updates)

Updated quality standards provide validation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the performing organisation’s quality standards and processes to meet requirements. These quality standards are used during the Perform Quality Control process.

.4 Project Management Plan (Updates)

The project management plan will be updated from changes to the quality management plan that result from changes to the Perform Quality Assurance process.

These updates can include incorporation of processes that have been through continuous process improvement and are ready to repeat the cycle, and improvements to processes that have been identified and measured, and are ready to be implemented.

Requested changes (additions, modifications, deletions) to the project management plan and its subsidiary plans are processed by review and disposition through the Integrated Change Control process.

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