Project Managment Diploma Online – Project Scope Planning Inputs

Project Scope Planning: Inputs

1. Enterprise Environmental Factors

Enterprise environmental factors include items such as the organisation’s culture, infrastructure, tools, human resources, personnel policies, and marketplace conditions that could affect how project scope is managed.

2. Organisational Process Assets

Organisational process assets are the formal and informal policies, procedures, and guidelines that could impact how the project’s scope is managed. Those of particular interest to project scope planning include:

 Organisational policies as they pertain to project scope planning and management

 Organisational procedures related to project scope planning and management

 Historical information about previous projects that may be located in the lessons learned knowledge base.

3. Project Charter

The document that formally authorises a project or a project phase. (Please see section on project integration for more details).

4. Preliminary Project Scope Statement

The document that provides a high-level scope narrative.

5. Project Management Plan

Contains the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all subsidiary plans into a project management plan.

Scope Planning: Tools and Techniques

The goal of scope planning is to create a project scope statement and the project scope management plan, two of the outputs of the scope planning process.

The project manager and the project team must have a full understanding of the project requirements, the business need of the project, and stakeholder expectations to be successful in creating the scope statement and the scope management plan.

Recall that there are two types of scope:

 Product scope Features and functions of the product of the project

 Project scope The work needed to create the product of the project

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