Project Management Methodology

Project Management Methodology

A project plan methodology is a structured approach to developing the project plan. Methodologies can be simple or complex and based on the project type, the requirements of the performing organisation, or multiple inputs.

Organisations can use hard or soft tools to lead the project plan methodology. In its choice of hard tools, one organisation may require that the project team create a project plan based on a checklist of plan requirements, while another organisation may require that project teams complete a computer-based project template.

Soft tools include project meetings, business analysts to investigate and research all facets of the problem or opportunity, and subject matter experts’ interviews of stakeholders and project team members. A methodology used in creating the project plan can include the following:

  • Project templates
  • Paper and electronic forms
  • Monte Carlo simulations for risk management
  • Project simulations for expected results
  • The design of experiments
  • Project startup meetings
  • Interviews

Project Management Information System (PMIS)

The PMIS is a tool that can help the project team to plan, schedule, monitor and report on a project. A PMIS is typically a computer-driven system (though it can be paper-based) to aid a project manager in the development of the project. A PMIS is a tool for, not a replacement of, the project manager. A PMIS can calculate schedules, costs, expectations, and likely results. The PMIS cannot, however, replace the expert judgment of the project manager and the project team. The goal of a PMIS is to automate, organise, and provide control of the project management processes. A typical PMIS software system has:

  • WBS creation tools
  • Calendaring features
  • Scheduling abilities
  • Work authorisation tools
  • Earned Value Management (EVM) controls
  • Quality control charts, PERT charts, Gantt charts, and other charting features
  • Calculations for the critical path, Earned Value Management (EVM), target dates based on the project schedule, and more
  • Resource tracking and levelling
  • Reporting functionality.

The PMIS is used by the project management team to support generation of a project charter, facilitate feedback as the document is refined, control changes to the project charter, and release the approved document.

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