Preparing for a Career in Work Health & Safety?

Preparing for a Career in Work Health & Safety?

Studying a program in work health & safety can lead one to a range of careers, positions, and specialisations. Those who wish to obtain a profession in work health & safety must achieve the appropriate qualification. Some qualifications will allow you to advance in your occupation and move up the career ladder to positions of increased leadership and responsibility. A qualification is a necessary tool to equip you with what you need to handle the job. But in addition to the knowledge, there are many important skills to have in this profession. When you study at LMIT, you’ll receive both the formal qualification you seek, and develop the skills most useful in a work health and safety position.

What skills are needed for a career in Work Health & Safety?

  • Strong communication & listening skills
  • Advanced knowledge of WHS legislation
  • Basic administrative skills
  • Ability to monitor a workplace
  • Measurement & analysis
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Understanding of human resources procedures
  • Instruction of staff in workplace procedures
  • Capable and responsive in emergency situations
  • Ability to lead a team.

Starting off right

At LMIT, we offer three fantastic programs in the realm of Work Health & Safety. Whether you are just beginning your career or are looking for the right course to advance you further, our team can help you select the proper option that matches up with your needs and ambitions.

Our first option is the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety. This is an ideal choice for those professionals seeking entry-level positions in the industry and is a prerequisite to the Diploma of Work Heath and Safety. Completing the Certificate IV enables you to pursue work as a WHS Coordinator, a Workcover Inspector, a Safety Officer, or and Occupational Health and Safety Officer. Coursework includes 5 core units and 5 elective units of study. The core subjects equip you with a basic understanding of work health and safety policies and procedures. You’ll learn to evaluate hazards and risks and find acceptable solutions for removing them. Other practical skills you’ll develop include how to respond to incidents and how to integrate WHS into the management umbrella of an organisation. Elective units give you the option to hone your skills in areas such as emergency procedures and workplace monitoring, or leading and instructing a team using WHS guidelines.

LMIT’s Diploma of Work Health & Safety goes a step further. Those who already work in entry-level WHS positions will benefit from the Diploma on their path to roles like WHS Manager, Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner, WHS Practitioner, or Senior WHS Officer. This 9 unit course includes 5 core modules and 4 electives. Coursework prepares you to provide consulting services and advanced implementation skills for work health and safety procedures. You’ll also explore more about evaluating and investigating incidents, developing WHS management systems, and more.

Our third option is The Advanced Diploma of Work Health & Safety. This program is the right option for those who have been employed in the WHS field for 3 or more years and are ready to take their career even further. Professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skill set will benefit enormously from this program, which paves the way towards roles as WHS Auditors, Advisors, Risk Officers, Managers, Specialists, and Consultants. The highly-focused coursework of the Advanced Diploma program emphasises facilitation, engagement with key personnel, advanced evaluation, review and improvement of risk management procedures, and implementation and maintenance of advanced WHS management systems.

The next step

All three of our Work Health & Safety programs can be completed in just 12 months. Each of our programs are conveniently conducted wholly online, so that you can earn your qualification on a schedule that works for you. LMIT is proud to provide a wide range of nationally recognised qualifications, as well as an outstanding faculty of industry professionals and the latest technology. Ready to take that next step? Get in touch with our friendly and helpful team today for more details.

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