Occupational Health and Safety Courses via Virtual E-Learning Pro, coming soon…

Very soon, LMIT will be delivering our OHS courses via Virtual E-Learning Pro!

Virtual E-Learning Pro (VELP) is the premium option for studying an OHS course online as it combines online self-paced learning with live online classes.

All you need is a computer with internet connection and you can participate in VELP!

VELP provides students with a fully supported online learning experience- giving students the opportunity to participate in live online classes with their trainer once a month, creating a learning environment that is more interactive and caters to all learning styles.

The VELP Programs run on a 6 month schedule and have due dates for assessments, allowing students to manage their completion.

In January 2011, VELP will be available for the Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety and the Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety.

“It may be that you’re half way through your OHS qualification and you just need that extra push to keep you on track or perhaps you think the online self-paced OHS course is too open-ended and you’re unsure how you will set aside time to finish your qualification. Virtual E-learning Pro will take care of this as it will give you that extra push to complete your qualification in an achievable timeframe.” OHS Trainer and Consultant at LMIT.

VELP Program Features:

  • Virtual classes run once per month for 6 months
  • All critical competencies will be covered in each unit for each course
  • There are due dates for assessments, allowing students to manage their completion
  • Classes are limited to 20 students, ensuring optimum learning
  • Combines self-paced learning with live online classes
  • Students can participate in the Virtual classes from their own home or office
  • Have your qualification in 6 months

Contact us today on 1800 819 651 , if you would like to know a bit more about VELP and when the first VELP classes begin.

VELP is exclusively available at LMIT.

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