Occupational Health and Safety VELP class – a huge success!

LMIT ran its first VELP class on Monday evening for Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety.

There was 100% attendance and the feedback we have received so far tells us that we will start running another VELP group in a few months’ time!

Virtual E-Learning Pro (VELP) is the premium option for studying online as it combines online self-paced learning with live virtual classes. VELP gives students that extra motivation to complete their qualification in a realistic timeframe.

VELP provides students with a fully supported online learning experience- giving students the opportunity to participate in live virtual classes with their trainer once a month, creating a learning environment that is more interactive and caters to all learning styles.

You can visit our website via this link: http://www.lmit.edu.au/courses/virtual-e-learning-pro for more details on VELP and to see the list of up-coming courses.

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