Occupational Health and Safety News for this week include:

1.      The release of a new WorkSafe handbook

2.      Managing risks of foil ceiling insulation and

3.      A safety alert for hot weather

1. WorkSafe have released a new handbook with guidelines for the safe use of ‘Earthmoving Equipment near Overhead Electrical Assets.’ These guidelines are for employers and operators of earthmoving equipment. Take a look at the article here. It is required that employers and contractors meet these obligations under the Electrical Safety Act 1998 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

2. Here is an article outlining how to manage and reduce the risks associated with installing foil ceiling insulation. This is particularly relevant to tradespeople and householders.

3. Take a look at this important safety alert for outdoor workers- this alert highlights the risk of heat stress for outdoor workers during summer. The article outlines contributing factors to heat stress, hazards, preventative measures and legislative requirements of employers.

That’s OHS news for this week.

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