Monitor and Control Project Requirements

Potential Monitor and Control Project Work: Outputs

.1 Recommended Corrective Actions

Corrective actions are documented recommendations required to bring expected future project performance into conformance with the project management plan.

.2 Recommended Preventive Actions

Preventive actions are documented recommendations that reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks.

.3 Project Forecasts

Project forecasts include estimates or predictions of conditions and events in the project’s future, based on information and knowledge available at the time of the forecast. Forecasts are updated and reissued based on work performance information provided as the project is executed.

This information is about the project’s past performance that could impact the project in the future; for example, estimate at completion and estimate to complete.

.4 Recommended Defect Repair

Some defects, which are found during the quality inspection and audit process, are recommended for correction.

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