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What makes Human resource managers successful?

What makes Human resource managers successful? Is it their technical knowledge of HR or problem solving skills or interpersonal abilities or something else?

In our view, human resource managers should have the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge and skills: HR managers ought to have a solid foundation on the fundamentals of HR. Furthermore, not just this, successful HR practitioners continuously update their knowledge of updated practices and systems in HR. With their knowledge and skills, they manage the day to day challenges that emerge in the association.
  • Communicator: Communication is a critical activity in any organisation and HR plays a noteworthy part in this. HR administrators often lead these processes. One of the qualities of an effective communicator is to have excellent listening skills. Workers come to Human Resource managers on different issues and tuning into employees with complete focus is one of the key qualities of a productive HR Director.
  • Staff development: Training presenters capture attention, keep the audience drawn in, and convey the message in a positive way. Setting up training is another key task often done by HR Supervisors as they handle the organisation of training and manage the records.
  • Congenial: HR has to maintain relationships throughout the organisation. Effective HR Supervisors have an open door policy and are open to feedback.
  • Time Management and Self-control: Effective HR operators are great at dealing with their time. They plan their day to not just work through the `to-do’ list but additionally to reserve time for the unexpected.
  • Delegator: It’s unrealistic for one individual to do all the work. HR Managers share work with their colleagues so they also gain experience and develop expertise.
  • Decision maker: Effective HR Supervisors make decisions while considering as many perspectives as possible. They are prepared to make hard choices for the benefit of the organisation.
  • Commercial acumen: Business sense comes down to quick thinking and rapid understanding of the issues to be able to manage a business situation in a way that increases the chances of a decent result. Effective HR administrators have a good grasp of the financial, operational, planning, sales and marketing, and other key elements of an organisation.
  • Motivator: Each employee has diverse objectives and goals. Successful HR managers work to maintain staff motivation. Successful HR Directors know and understand what inspires staff and endeavor to provide it.

That is a long list of qualities! But if you concentrate on building those qualities over your career they should serve you well.

For more information about HR training see http://lmit.edu.au/courses/diploma-of-human-resources-management

Published by: LMIT