LMIT’s new delivery option for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment- Virtual E-Learning Pro!

LMIT delivered its very first TAA Virtual E-Leaning Pro (VELP) session last Thursday evening. It was a great success and feedback we have received from our students has been very positive!

What is VELP?

VELP is exactly like learning in the classroom but you get to participate online in the comfort of your own home or office. It allows you to interact with your trainer, ask questions, interact with other students and learn course content in an interesting and effective way. VELP incorporates all styles of learning (visual, kinesthetic and auditory) to ensure students understand the course content quickly and easily so they can move through the course smoothly. There are scheduled online classrooms and due dates for assessment for students stay on track and complete their qualification in a realistic time frame.

The reason for introducing VELP?

We find many of our students have good intentions in getting their TAA completed as soon as possible however work/life commitments get in the way and delay them from getting their qualification in the time they intended. So we decided to deliver VELP- to offer a more structured approach to learning, with added motivation to ensure that students stay on track and complete their qualification.

Virtual E-learning Pro has many benefits

  • Extra trainer support
  • Live online classrooms
  • You get to complete your qualification in the comfort of your own home or office
  • Highly motivating
  • Due dates for your assessment to keep you on track and
  • You get to complete your TAA in a maximum of 6 months

VELP is great for existing students too

Some of our VELP students were already enrolled into the online self-paced course and switched over to the VELP delivery because they just needed that extra push to keep on track. VELP is helping them to stay on track- by having scheduled dates for assessment and online classrooms for extra support. In the online training environment this is very important as students often feel isolated and unsure about certain things related to their studies, leading to a lack of motivation- VELP takes care of all of this!

If you’re looking at a career in Training- whether it be working for an RTO (like us), in a Tafe or as an on the job trainer, you will need the (TAA40104) Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification. If you’re one of those people that needs motivation to stay on track then VELP is for you! You can refer to more information regarding our Cert IV in TAA and our VELP delivery here. Or please feel to contact us, we would be more than happy to talk about your career options.

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