Introduction to Effective Project Management – Cert IV PM

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The Cert IV in project management teaches you that effective project management requires adequate time for planning—and based on the results of that planning, adequate time for the implementation of those plans.

In this post, we’ll discuss how project activities are decomposed and then how the work packages are sequenced, calculated, and accounted for. Project Time Management includes the processes required to accomplish timely completion of the project.

The Project Time Management processes include the following:

1. Activity Definition – Identifying the specific schedule activities that need to be performed to produce the various project deliverables.

2. Activity Sequencing – Identifying and documenting dependencies among schedule activities (so as to arrive at a project schedule network diagram)

3. Activity Resource Estimating – Estimating the type and quantities of resources required to perform each schedule activity.

4. Activity Duration Estimating – Estimating the number of work periods that will be needed to complete individual schedule activities.

5. Schedule Development – Analysing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints to create the project schedule.

6. Schedule Control – Controlling changes to the project schedule.

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These processes interact with each other and with processes in the other Knowledge Areas as well. Each process can involve effort from one or more persons or groups of persons, based on the needs of the project. Each process occurs at least once in every project and occurs in one or more project phases, if the project is divided into phases.

Although the processes are presented here as discrete components with well-defined interfaces, in practice they can overlap and interact in ways not detailed here.

On some projects, especially ones of smaller scope, activity sequencing, activity resource estimating, activity duration estimating, and schedule development are so tightly linked that they are viewed as a single process that can be performed by a person over a relatively short period of time.

LMIT’s Diploma in Project Management is Now Endorsed by AIPMGet Your Diploma of PM and You’ll Also Receive a Certificate from AIPM

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