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How to make your resume shine

How to make your resume shine

It’s no secret that today’s job market can be tough. In Australia alone, there are more than 11 million people in the workforce. But even the competitive fields are not impossible to get into (indeed, many industries are growing); you simply have to learn how to make yourself stand out as an outstanding candidate. One way to do this right from the first impression is through your resume. Many Australian job seekers make the mistake of rushing through their resume, thinking it’s not an important aspect of the job hunt. This couldn’t be more wrong. A well-tailored, polished resume not only gets your foot in the door, it can ensure you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few key ways to help your resume shine.

Go over your resume. And then go over it again.

Be meticulous and detailed when it comes to your career resume. With lots of competition out there, you can’t afford to make a careless mistake. Employers have no time for unpolished professionals. Check and double-check your resume for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Be doubly sure all your contact information is correct so that prospective employers can reach out to you for interviews. Go over that resume with a fine tooth comb to be certain a simple error won’t send you directly into the “no” pile.

Proofread your resume resume resume

Include relevant keywords to the industry or position.

Before submitting your resume to an employer, spend time tailoring the resume to suit the role you’re seeking. Pay careful attention to the job description the employer has created. Peruse similar job postings and even LinkedIn profiles of professionals in similar roles. Studying these will enable you to use the proper language and keywords in your own resume. This is an essential part of a resume that shines. Not only does this suggest to a hiring manager that you’ve put time and effort into your application, but including relevant keywords ensures your resume is much more likely to get put into a “yes” pile, even with a quick scan by a person or automated system.

Don’t just list duties. Showcase your contributions.

Often, hiring managers and employers already know the basics of what a position entails. If your resume only includes a brief overview of your previous roles, you’re not telling them anything new. Instead, make them sit up and take notice. Rather than simply listing duties and responsibilities, provide concrete examples of how you uniquely contributed to your organisation. Show ways you improved productivity, approaches you implemented, and specific results of your work. These kinds of tangible outcomes really stand out and help employers see why they should hire YOU.

Highlight soft skills and personal attributes.

Employers aren’t just looking for someone to do a job; they want to hire an individual whom they will enjoy working alongside. They hope to select someone who fits into the company culture. An easy way to showcase this via your resume is to investigate the business or organisation and read up on their mission statement and company values. Then, integrate these subtly and honestly into your resume. (As an added bonus, researching a company will let you know whether or not it’s truly a good fit for you.) Incorporating a few of the organisation’s values in your resume is a nice touch, but it is also important to highlight some of your own special characteristics. If possible, emphasise your strengths in communication, interpersonal skills, and problem solving. Employers want to see that you can be part of a team and will bring positive qualities to the work environment.

Don’t forget your qualification.

One final surefire way to stand out from the crowd is with an educational qualification. At LMIT, we offer more than a dozen different courses in a range of careers. Whether you’re after a diploma, certificate, or advanced diploma, these qualifications can help you achieve the job of your dreams. Get in touch with us today for more information on our year-long online programs.


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