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How can HR skills help you expand your business?

How can HR skills help you expand your business?

Many smaller businesses don't have a human resources expert in house. However, when a business gets to a certain size and its mission requires more than just a tightly knit team to complete, this competency is often essential to successfully grow the business.

Too often, owners use the services of an HR specialist when they encounter difficult scenarios that they don't know quite how to deal with, such as a lawsuit or managing redundancies. What they don't understand, though, is how pivotal a human capital strategy is to the success of an organisation. Especially in today's employee-centric operating environment, having these competencies in-house will set you up for a prosperous future and help you rise above your competition.

So why should you think about up-skilling an employee or advancing your own knowledge in HR?

"Tomorrow's HR departments will become more employee-centric."

The changing face of HR

A major global survey by Deloitte found that the very notion of HR is changing, with 78 per cent of employers in Australia feeling that the skills needed for competent people management have changed radically. It isn't just about hiring, firing, and managing talent, HR now is about developing innovative and strategic schemes that enhance the entire employee experience.

Based on research into how digital was impacting HR, Accenture captured the essence of the industry shift.

"In the same way that marketing departments have had to become customer-centric, tomorrow's HR departments will become more employee-centric."

Overcoming the disengagement problem

Less than a quarter of workers in Australiasia are actually engaging in their work, according to recent research from Gallup. This means that only one in four workers are involved and invested in their work and want to help their employers achieve. On the other hand, 60 per cent of workers are not engaged, with 16 per cent falling into the actively disengaged bracket.

In order to defend against this as your organisation grows, having an in-house expert schooled in the latest HR knowledge will be a priceless asset as you strive to become more employee-centric.

You can advance your HR skills online with a recognised qualification. x 0 0 0 14104318 800 how can hr skills help you expand your business?You can advance your HR skills online with a recognised qualification.

LMIT provides human resources training for all levels. Whether you are experienced and want to enhance your knowledge or you are just starting up and looking to add some skills to your belt, there is a qualification that can help you achieve your goals. We offer a Certificate IV in Human Resources as well as an Advanced Diploma of Management suitable for different levels of expertise, both of which can be completed online at anytime within 12 months. For more information, get in touch with our helpful team today.

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