Great communication tools for ONLINE learners!

As an online training company, we believe it’s essential to provide a variety of tools for students to use to communicate with us. In the online training environment this is very important as students often feel isolated and unsure about certain things related to their studies, leading to a lack of motivation. We offer a range of communication tools for our students so that, they can stay motivated, feel part of a community and complete their course!

LMIT offers the following tools to students: online chat, phone support, email, interactive forums, blogs and the Virtual Campus (VC)!

Online Chat:

This is an instant communication tool we use with our students. It’s great to use if you have a quick question to ask your trainer.

Phone Support:

Our students can call us anytime they have a query or need some help.


Our students can email us anytime they have a query or need some help.

Interactive Forums:

This tool is used through our Virtual Campus. There are forums for each course on our scope: TAA, OHS, Management and QA. Students can find answers to questions they may have or post questions about a particular unit/ topic. Our trainers moderate the content and answer the questions asked by the students. The forums are a great resource, each time a new question is asked the trainer uploads it to the VC so that, all students benefit from the information.


Through our Virtual Campus as well as LMIT’s Blog (this one) we post useful information/ industry related news about our course topics. This is great for our students as they can keep up to date with industry news and LMIT announcements such as new courses available, trainer tips, management tips, ohs checklists and the list goes on…

Virtual Campus:

Our VC makes online learning more enjoyable and it’s a great way for students to:

  • Interact with other students and trainers.
  • Make friends.
  • Post videos or pictures and share experiences.
  • Keep up to date with important announcements eg. Assessment days.
  • Stay updated with industry news
  • Check out new tools & tips related to each course.
  • Post course related question and
  • Log on and check out the forums and our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page to find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

As you can see there are many ways our students can communicate with us. If you have some other ideas on ways to communicate with people please do share! As we want to make communication and support for our students as easy as possible!

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