Frontline Management News for this week

1.    How companies today manage their frontline

2.   5 ways leaders can communicate change

3.    8 things that employees want from their leaders and

4.    6 steps to help reduce workplace stress

1. According to a McKinsey survey, many executives are unhappy with the performance of their frontline managers. Results show that most frontline managers’ are not being trained effectively. Empowering frontline managers to coach, make decisions and solve problems generates higher productivity…read more here

2. No matter what the issue, it is imperative that CEO’s communicate with their employees- here are 5 ways that your CEO can communicate change with employees and achieve positive outcomes each time! Read them here.

3. If you’re a leader in your workplace: CEO, Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor- take a look at this article on 8 useful things that employees want from their leaders! It may give you a few useful tips on how to improve rapport with your staff as well as increased productivity.

4. Dale Collie has used his army background in putting together 6 steps to reduce workplace stress in the corporate world. Some steps include: reassurance from management, having adequate rest and having regular discussions with workers, you can check out the 6 steps here. Dale Collie ( speaker and former US Army Ranger, CEO, and professor at West Point.

That’s Frontline Management news for this week.

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