By enrolling in any of these courses will I be able to audit other companies?

Quality Auditing is a discipline that is practised in many different industries. The discipline requires the same skills across a wide range of industries.
These skills are mandatory for success within quality management systems within any industry. All of these skills are addressed throughout the Diploma of Quality Auditing courses. ISO 9001 is the generic standard for Quality Management Systems. In other words, this standard ‘ fits ’ most industries. There are indeed some QMS standards that are specific to an industry, such as TS/ISO 16949.

TS/ISO 16949 requires that organisations audit all processes annually as a minimum, whereas ISO 9001 doesn’t actually stipulate any time frames for audits, rather, the organisation will make the decision of the frequency based on their needs and risks. Regardless of the industry specific QMS standard you may be involved with, the skills that you will gain through this course will provide you with the skills to address any of the QMS standards.

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