Diploma Project Management Online – Scope Planning Outputs

Project Management Diploma Scope Planning: Outputs

1. Project Scope Management Plan

The scope management plan explains how the project scope will be managed and how scope changes will be factored into the project plan, in effect it is a plan that guards the scope from unauthorised changes.

Based on the conditions of the project, the project work, and the confidence of the project scope, the scope management plan should also define the likelihood of changes to the scope, how often the scope may change, and how much the scope can change.

The scope management plan also details the process of how changes to the project scope will be documented and classified throughout the project life cycle.

Every scope management plan should define four things:

 The process to create a detailed project scope statement

 The process to create the WBS based on the project scope statement—and the methods for maintaining the WBS integrity and the process for WBS approval

 The process for formal acceptance of the project deliverables by the project customer

 The process for evaluating, and approving or declining, project change requests

A project scope management plan is contained in, or is a subsidiary of, the project management plan.

The project scope management plan can be informal and broadly framed, or formal and highly detailed, based on the needs of the project.

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