Diploma of Project Management: Activity Resource Estimating (Outputs)

workplace corporate people 445 diploma of project management: activity resource estimating (outputs)Learn about Activity Resource Estimating (Outputs) in the Diploma of Project Management qualification.

Activity Resource Requirements. The output of the Activity Resource Estimating process is an identification and description of the types and quantities of resources required for each schedule activity in a work package. These requirements can then be aggregated to determine the estimated resources for each work package. The amount of detail and the level of specificity of the resource requirement descriptions can vary by application area.

The resource requirements documentation for each schedule activity can include the basis of estimate for each resource, as well as the assumptions that were made in determining which types of resources are applied, their availability, and what quantity are used. The Schedule Development process determines when the resources are needed.

Activity Attributes (Updates). The types and quantities of resources required for each schedule activity are incorporated into the activity attributes. If approved change requests result from the Activity Resource Estimating process, then the activity list and activity attributes are updated to include those approved changes.

Resource Breakdown Structure. The resource breakdown structure (RBS) is a hierarchical structure of the identified resources by resource category and resource type.

Resource Calendar (Updates). A composite resource calendar (figure 6.5) for the project documents working days and nonworking days that determine those dates on which a specific resource, whether a person or materiel, can be active or is idle.

The project resource calendar typically identifies resource-specific holidays and resource availability periods. The project resource calendar identifies the quantity of each resource available during each availability period.

Figure 6.5 – Project Calendar (Source: PMP Study Guide, Phillips 2006))

Requested Changes. The Activity Resource Estimating process can result in requested changes to add or delete planned schedule activities within the activity list. Requested changes are processed for review and disposition through the Integrated Change Control process.

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