Diploma OHS Sydney – Facilitate an Initial Assessment of the Situation

Facilitating an Initial Assessment of the OHS Situation in Sydney

The investigation of workplace incidents involves a logical sequence of actions designed to:

  1. establish the facts;
  2. determine the causes; and
  3. develop corrective actions.

Each of the elements of competency in this learning guide is directed towards these outcomes. This element of competency deals with the first stage of the investigation process.

This involves an assessment of the situation to ensure that the area is safe and people are cared for if required.

In order to complete this first element of the OHS competency unit successfully, you will need to show that you have met the following performance criteria:

1.1 Check area to ensure it is safe and that arrangements have been made to meet initial needs of those involved in the incident.

1.2 Establish and maintain integrity of the site and personnel in accordance with legal requirements and to ensure objectivity of information collected.

1.3 Identify statutory and legal obligations and, if required, advise relevant government agencies.

1.4 Notify key persons within the organisation.

1.5 Determine factors affecting the complexity of the investigation.

1.6 Identify stakeholders and interested parties, and notify as appropriate. After completing this element of competency you will be able to respond to a workplace incident and assess the situation in an ordered and logical way. This action will lay the groundwork for the investigation.

Remember the purpose of the investigation is to establish the root cause* of the problem and to develop recommendations for preventing similar incidents recurring.

Your initial observations may be vital to achieving this and therefore you must view the scene thoroughly and objectively.

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