Developing the Preliminary Project Scope Statement

How to Develop a Preliminary Project Scope Statement

Once the project charter has been created along with the project statement of work, the project management team must then create and develop the project scope statement.

The project scope statement defines what the project will accomplish, create, and deliver. It defines the purpose of the project, in detail, so that all stakeholders may share a common understanding of the project.

The Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement process addresses and documents the characteristics and boundaries of the project and its associated products and services, as well as the methods of acceptance and scope control.

A project scope statement includes:

 Project and product objectives

 Product or service requirements and characteristics

 Product acceptance criteria

 Project boundaries

 Project requirements and deliverables

 Project constraints

 Project assumptions

 Initial project organisation

 Initial defined risks

 Schedule milestones

 Initial WBS

 Order of magnitude cost estimate

 Project configuration management requirements

 Approval requirements.

The preliminary scope statement is created by the project manager along with the project team.

The purpose of creating the preliminary scope statement is to capture the information as provided by the project initiator or project sponsor and to reflect the goals and expectations of the project stakeholders.

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