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How to Deliver a Great Business Presentation

How to Deliver a Great Business Presentation

In a wide range of industries and professions, it is likely there will come a time in your career when you must deliver a presentation. As your company develops new products, expands its marketing aims, or plans for a new service approach, you may be responsible for presenting new ideas or making a pitch. While many find such public speaking tasks to be somewhat challenging, with a few tips, virtually anyone can improve his or her skills and turn their presentations into a truly effective business tactic.

 Make it Personal

No matter who you’re presenting to, make the material personal, both to you and to the viewer/client. The best presentations are those which capture the audience through a story as this draws interest and engagement. If you can relate your topic to your own life and experience, as well as clearly demonstrate how the topic will be relevant or helpful to the audience, you’re well on your way to a successful presentation.

Avoid meaningless facts & figures

Those who are new to public speaking often feel the need to support their presentation with countless facts, figures, and statistics. Unless you have a specific and striking fact which has a major bearing on the outcome of the presentation, then it’s best to avoid such minutiae. These pieces of information can give the presentation a lacklustre “school report” feeling and have a shortage of depth and efficacy. Instead, you should focus on being simple and straightforward in your approach and appealing to the tangible benefits your ideas offer your audience.

Establish a goal

Well-organised presentations are key. From the beginning, you should introduce the goal of the presentation in a clear manner, perhaps with a succinct statement: “I’m going to show you how this new product will revolutionise the way we do business,” or “This marketing plan will appeal tremendously to the target demographic, result in an increased presence in the community, and enhance your brand.” Both these examples state the direct outcomes of your presentation, either with an overarching goal that you’ll break down, as in the first example, or with 3 specific goals you will prepare to discuss further. This is a great way to start off with a bang.

Believe in What You’re Selling (Promoting, Designing, Suggesting)

No one’s going to “buy” your presentation if your heart isn’t in it. The most effective and successful professionals believe in what they’re discussing and working towards. When a client or audience sees that connection in you and observes a passion or a belief in what you’re presenting, you’ll discover you’re yielding ever better results.

If you have a business presentation coming up, remember these tips and you’ll find that not only does it become easier to showcase your ideas and opinions, but that you’ll have a greater reach and a stronger pull. Now that’s something worth talking about.

Published by: LMIT