Should Australia have more management and support for our posties?

Comcare has initiated a prosecution against Aust Post after an investigation it conducted of Post’s NT Palmerton Delivery Centre allegedly turned up six unroadworthy motorcycles, including the bike ridden by a contractor killed in a road crash. Comcare stressed its investigation also found the bike’s condition hadn’t caused the contractor’s death. Comcare said it would bring civil proceedings under the OHS Act 1991 s16(1), which carries a maximum $242,000 civil penalty. It would allege Post breached its duties under federal law to protect its workers and contractors by not maintaining roadworthy and safe bikes. Comcare CEO Paul O’Connor said this action was the first time court proceedings had been lodged against Post alleging this type of work and H&S breach. He acknowledged Post had since taken steps to improve and monitor its bike inspection and maintenance procedures. “However, this court action will help underline the importance of ensuring that all motorbikes used to deliver the mail are safe and roadworthy every single time they are used,” he said. A Post spokesperson told OHN: “It was unacceptable that the safety monitoring of a small number of our motorcycles at one of our depots was found lacking, and we willingly and swiftly cooperated with Comcare to remedy this situation.” At presstime, Post couldn’t tell OHN how many motorcycles were in use at the centre when Comcare found the unsafe bikes. It has 7,400 motorcycles around Aust.

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By Occupational Health News on June 9, 2010

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