Certificate IV Quality Assurance – Quality Audit Check Sheet

Create a Quality Audit Check Sheet

This type of quality audit checklist is often used to confirm that specific parameters have been met throughout a process.

A standard quality check sheet contains a column with a list of requirements and a column for ticking whether the requirement has been met.

This type of checklist may be used in the case of a Safety Hazard Quality Audit (or Job

Safety Analysis).

The questions within the quality audit check list may be something along the lines of:

  • Are isolations in place and proven effective?
  • Are the appropriate MSDS’ available at point of use?
  • Are tools and equipment in good condition and correct for the task?
  • Have the correct permits/clearances been obtained?

Can the job proceed safely?

This type of quality audit checklist is better suited to ‘inspection’ type audits as they typically require a confirmation that something has or has not occurred.

Since it usually consist of closed questions, this type of quality check list would probably not be suitable for process audits that require the auditor to investigate the effectiveness of the process.

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