Certificate IV Project Management: Schedule Control

Learn about Schedule Control in the Certificate IV Project Management qualification.

Schedule control is part of integrated change management. Throughout a typical project, events will happen that may require updates to the project schedule. Schedule control is concerned with three processes:

– The project manager works with the factors that can cause schedule change in an effort to confirm that the changes are agreed upon. Factors can include project team members, stakeholders, management, customers, and project conditions.

– The project manager examines the work results and conditions to determine whether the schedule has changed.

– The project manager manages the actual change in the schedule.

Schedule Control: Inputs

Schedule Management Plan. The project management plan contains the schedule management plan that establishes how the project schedule will be managed and controlled.

Schedule Baseline. The project schedule used for control is the approved project schedule, which is referred to as the schedule baseline. The schedule baseline is a component of the project management plan. It provides the basis for measuring and reporting schedule performance as part of the performance measurement baseline.

Performance Reports. Performance reports provide information on schedule performance, such as which planned dates have been met and which have not. Performance reports may also alert the project team to issues that may cause schedule performance problems in the future.

Approved Change Requests. Only approved change requests that have been previously processed through the Integrated Change Control process are used to update the project schedule baseline or other components of the project management plan.

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