Cert IV Quality Assurance – Preparing a Quality Audit Questionnaire

Prepare a List of Quality Audit Questions

Quality auditors may simply list the questions they wish to ask during the audit to confirm quality compliance or investigate effectiveness.

Quality Auditors select the type they are most comfortable with in ensuring they will cover all the bases the need and intend to throughout the audit.

Your preferred type may be a selection of all of the mentioned types.

Whatever your preference all checklists should allow for:

  • Checking compliance with key points/control points
  • The flexibility to follow audit trails not previously anticipated
  • The ability to measure the effectiveness of the process/es
  • Ensuring good time management of the audit and
  • Ensuring your audit stays within its scope.

Quality Audit Preparation Checklist

You will need to ensure the following steps have been covered in order to be ready to complete a professional quality audit:

  • Discuss arrangements with necessary parties (i.e. auditee, Manager)
  • Obtain a copy of the relevant procedures
  • Confirm the Audit Criteria
  • Perform a Document Review

If you can tick all seven steps you are ready to perform the audit.

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