Cert IV in OHS – Identify Hazards and Assess OHS Risks

The Cert IV in OHS includes the unit of competency – BSBOHS403 Identify hazards and assess OHS risks – in it you identified hazards by:

  • reviewing workplace information such as incident investigation reports, workplace inspection reports, reports of hazards, incidents and injuries, job safety analyses and procedures;
  • identifying and accessing information from regulators, industry bodies and other sources of information external to the workplace; and
  • consulting with stakeholders, key personnel, technical advisors and OHS specialists.

You then recorded the outcomes of the hazard identification on a hazard, or risk, register together with the outcomes of the risk assessments. In this section, you will review this information to identify the hazards requiring control action.

Three questions will enable you to identify which hazards require control.

  1. What are the MUST DO hazards?
  2. What are the SHOULD DO hazards?
  3. What are the COULD DO hazards?

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Question 1 What are the MUST DO hazards?

While no activity or environment can be 100 per cent risk free, there is a legal obligation to minimise risk as far as is practicable.

In section 4.3 of the learning guide for BSBOHS403, it was determined that a risk is ‘tolerable’ (or As Low As Reasonably Practicable – ALARP) where the specific circumstances of the situation are considered and:

  • the law is satisfied;
  • the cost of putting safeguards in place is measured against the consequences of failing to do so;
  • controls take account of currently available knowledge and meet or exceed industry standards; and
  • the people exposed to or affected by the risk feel comfortable about it.

Must do actions are those required to address the hazards where controls do NOT meet these standards.

Question 2: What are the SHOULD DO hazards?

These are the hazards where further action is suggested by codes of practice* or standards.

Question 3: What are the COULD DO hazards?

These are the hazards where cost-effective analysis based on standard business practices indicates further control action is required.

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