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Should Australia have more management and support for our posties? Comcare has initiated a prosecution against Aust Post after an investigation it conducted of Post’s NT Palmerton Delivery Centre allegedly turned up six unroadworthy motorcycles, including the bike ridden by a contractor killed in a road crash. Comcare stressed its investigation also found the bike’s

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The importance of Training

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Derek Stockley is a training, learning and performance consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. This article explores the staff development question facing many managers. Managers have to make decisions about their commitment to staff development Should you spend time and money developing your staff? The answer is yes, but the question then becomes: how much? All

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This week’s Occupational Health and Safety News

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Below are 4 pieces of OHS related news for this week: 1)      Employee fined over fumes explosion 2)      Safety Alert: Tractor roll-over protective structure (ROPS) limitations 3)      Crane collapse at school 4)      Preparing for Hendra Virus 1) Employee fined over fumes explosion: SafeWork SA has highlighted employee duties following the prosecution of a worker who

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TWO brand new qualifications: Cert IV and Diploma of Project Management!

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I have some very exciting news…LMIT is now offering two brand new Nationally Recognised qualifications: (BSB41507) Certificate IV in Project Management (BSB51407) Diploma of Project Management Qualified Project Managers are in great demand across all industry sectors as they help companies achieve greater efficiency, performance and profit by having the ability to meet allocated budgets,

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Great communication tools for ONLINE learners!

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As an online training company, we believe it’s essential to provide a variety of tools for students to use to communicate with us. In the online training environment this is very important as students often feel isolated and unsure about certain things related to their studies, leading to a lack of motivation. We offer a

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LMIT’s new delivery option for Certificate IV in Training and Assessment- Virtual E-Learning Pro!

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LMIT delivered its very first TAA Virtual E-Leaning Pro (VELP) session last Thursday evening. It was a great success and feedback we have received from our students has been very positive! What is VELP? VELP is exactly like learning in the classroom but you get to participate online in the comfort of your own home

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Trainers and Managers- tips on understanding the 4 generations of people in the workplace

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Here is an interesting article by Third Sigma International that talks about how there can be up to 4 generations of workers in the workplace: Veterans (Born between 1920 and 1945), Baby Boomers (Born between 1946 and 1964), Generation X (Born between 1965 and 1979) and Generation Y (Born after 1980). Each generation has its

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Top 6 Train the Trainer Tips!

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Here are some tips for all the trainers out there! You may be an on the job trainer, teach in a Tafe or perhaps you work for a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) like us.  Below are some tips that have been devised by our very own trainers who deliver training to individuals and groups of

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