Occupational Health and Safety Courses via Virtual E-Learning Pro, coming soon…

Posted 3 December 2010 / No comments

Very soon LMIT will be delivering our OHS courses via Virtual E-Learning Pro. VELP is the premium option for studying an OHS course online as it fits to a study schedule, has due dates for assessment, is more motivating and interactive with higher trainer support.

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Safety Laws “woeful”

Posted 21 July 2010 / No comments

EAST Metropolitan MLC Alison Xamon has introduced a Bill to Parliament that she says aims to reform WA’s “woefully inadequate” workplace safety laws. Ms Xamon said that in WA there was an average of one workplace-related death every 17 days and more than 3600 serious injuries each year. The Greens MLC said her Occupational Safety

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Posted 22 June 2010 / No comments

Should Australia have more management and support for our posties? Comcare has initiated a prosecution against Aust Post after an investigation it conducted of Post’s NT Palmerton Delivery Centre allegedly turned up six unroadworthy motorcycles, including the bike ridden by a contractor killed in a road crash. Comcare stressed its investigation also found the bike’s

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