BSB51407 Project Management Diploma – Project Planning Components

Posted 2 October 2012 / 2 comments

Project Management Diploma Online – Using Planning Components Project team members or other experts who are experienced and skilled in developing detailed project scope statements, work breakdown structure (WBS), and project schedules can provide expertise in defining activities. When insufficient definition of the project scope is available to decompose a branch of the WBS down

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Diploma Project Management – Time Management for Projects

Posted 20 September 2012 / 3 comments

Effective project management as taught in the Project Management Diploma requires adequate time for planning—and based on the results of that planning, adequate time for the implementation of those plans. In this post, we’ll discuss how project activities are decomposed and then how the work packages are sequenced, calculated, and accounted for. Project Time Management

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Diploma in Project Management – How to Define a Product Analysis

Posted 14 August 2012 / No comments

Project Scope Definition: Tools and Techniques 1. Product Analysis Product analysis is, as the name implies, analysing the product the project will create. Product analysis is a method for converting the product description into project deliverables and requirements. Specifically, it involves understanding all facets of the product, its purpose, how it works, and its characteristics.

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Project Managment Diploma Online – Project Scope Planning Inputs

Posted 6 August 2012 / No comments

Project Scope Planning: Inputs 1. Enterprise Environmental Factors Enterprise environmental factors include items such as the organisation’s culture, infrastructure, tools, human resources, personnel policies, and marketplace conditions that could affect how project scope is managed. 2. Organisational Process Assets Organisational process assets are the formal and informal policies, procedures, and guidelines that could impact how

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Diploma Project Management Online – What is a Project Scope Statement?

Posted 31 July 2012 / 3 comments

Project Management Diploma – Project Scope Definition: Outputs 1. Project Scope Statement The scope statement, an output of scope planning, is the guide for all future project decisions when it comes to change management (serving as a reference to determine if the change is in or out of scope). The scope statement allows the project

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Monitor and Control Project Requirements

Posted 7 February 2012 / No comments

Potential Monitor and Control Project Work: Outputs .1 Recommended Corrective Actions Corrective actions are documented recommendations required to bring expected future project performance into conformance with the project management plan. .2 Recommended Preventive Actions Preventive actions are documented recommendations that reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks. .3 Project Forecasts Project forecasts

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How to Monitor and Control Project Work

Posted 24 January 2012 / No comments

Monitoring and Controlling Project Work The Monitor and Control Project Work process is performed to monitor project processes associated with initiating, planning, executing, and closing. Corrective or preventive actions are taken to control the project performance. Monitoring is an aspect of project management performed throughout the project. Monitoring includes collecting, measuring, and disseminating performance information,

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How to Develop a Project Management Plan

Posted 18 January 2012 / No comments

Developing a Project Management Plan Training Online Introduction Project Management Plan development requires an iterative process of progressive elaboration. The project manager will revise and update the plan as research and planning reveal more information and as the project develops. For example, an initial Project Management Plan may describe a broad overview of what the

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Developing the Preliminary Project Scope Statement

Posted 10 January 2012 / No comments

How to Develop a Preliminary Project Scope Statement Once the project charter has been created along with the project statement of work, the project management team must then create and develop the project scope statement. The project scope statement defines what the project will accomplish, create, and deliver. It defines the purpose of the project,

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