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BSB51407 Project Management Diploma – Project Planning Components

Project Management Diploma Online – Using Planning Components

Project team members or other experts who are experienced and skilled in developing detailed project scope statements, work breakdown structure (WBS), and project schedules can provide expertise in defining activities.

When insufficient definition of the project scope is available to decompose a branch of the WBS down to the work package level, the last component in that branch of the WBS can be used to develop a high-level project schedule for that component.

These planning components are selected and used by the project team to plan and schedule future work at various higher levels within the WBS.

The schedule activities used for these planning components may be summary activities that are not enough to support detailed estimating, scheduling, executing, monitoring, or controlling of the project work.

Two planning components are:

Control Account. A management control point can be placed at selected management points (specific components at selected levels) of the work breakdown structure above the work package level. These control points are used as a basis for planning when associated work packages have not yet been planned. All work and effort performed within a control account is documented in a control account plan.

Planning Package. A planning package is a WBS component below the control account, but above the work package. This component is used for planning known work content that does not have detailed schedule activities.

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