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Become a Project Manager – Diploma in Project Management Online

Become a Project Manager – Diploma in Project Management Online

One of the questions people ask with regard to project management is: “How do I become a certified project manager?”

One of the best questions I like to be asked is, “How do I get certified as a project manager?” Before becoming a certified a project manager, one should take into mind that what qualifies as certification and what is required of you to become certified are two very different things.

The Diploma of Project Management is a sought-after certification available in Australia, especially with the recession that is going on in major parts of the globe today. The Diploma of Project Management is a requirement and a must-have for people who are inclined to project management and who are planning to work in that particular field.

On the side of the employers, they tend to hire or prefer project managers with the right qualifications and certifications. Trainings in project management is very time consuming and expensive, and not all professionals have the luxury of either one of those things or both.

Thankfully, Diploma of Project Management is now offered online by registered training organisations such as LMIT.

With this online training, materials that could assist you as you go along the online course are available. Meaning, this could help you save a lot as regards the cost of getting your PMP accreditation or towards your journey in becoming a certified project manager.

The Diploma of Project Management course covers everything you need to know starting out from management to workplace issues; it also provides you with the tools you may need to solve work-related problems.

Now, once you have finished your Diploma in Project Management by the accredited centers and wish to become a certified project manager, there are three things that you need to cover or have in order to qualify: education, experience, and PM education.


Education is one of the basic requirements when applying to be a certified project manager. Those who have a high school degree or a high school diploma (meaning, those who have completed and graduated from high school), an associate degree or equivalent, or any bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply to become a certified project manager. However, this is only one of the three requirements that a willing applicant must have. Moreover, these three requirements should go hand-in-hand.


The second requirement to become eligible for the accreditation is the experience. Meaning to say, aside from the education, you must have experience in project management. The required minimum number of hours of experience depends on the degree that you have attained, whether a high school diploma, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree.

PM Training

The last requirement would be to have a formal training in project management; this is where you can use your Diploma of Project Management. The Diploma of Project Management as well as your certifications that are related to project management can be used as part of your PM training credits.

Once you have these three requirements, then you can apply to become a certified project management. Details about the test and other information about project management can be found on  PMI’s official site.

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