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6 Ways to Promote Creativity and Productivity in the Workplace

6 Ways to Promote Creativity and Productivity in the Workplace

Every business hopes their company will be filled with highly-connected employees, with creativity and productivity permeating the very air. In today’s technologically-advanced workplace, these elements may be even more important. Fortunately, creativity and productivity are very closely linked; when the former is encouraged and sparked, the latter is sure to follow. Creativity is of primary importance, as it promotes productivity by allowing employees more freedom and expression in their work. When a team feels more engaged and able to make significant contributions, each employee will feel both more appreciated as an individual, and more motivated to strive as a team. Thus, more work gets done, and more efficiently, fuelled by the energy of creativity. Here are 6 ways to increase these factors in a work environment

1. Offer incentives for new ideas.

Awards and recognition are always attractive motivators. A business can even hold monthly contests to provide tangible goals to work towards. Team prizes can be offered, producing collaborative efforts as well.

2. Allow for fun in the workplace as well as downtime.

More and more companies are beginning to allow games to be played in the work environment. This activity stimulates creativity, gets the blood pumping, and fosters a team spirit. In addition to games, employees should be granted free, unstructured time; this often ends up generating innovative ideas.

3. Create a physically open office environment.

An atmosphere of communication and collaboration is a healthy way to boost creativity and productivity. Gone are the days of divisive cubicles and ensconced management. Keeping an open floor plan and structure of the office demands better team participation.

4. Share knowledge through collaborative tools.

Social media or other programs can be easily used as a communication device for sharing ideas between employees. This is a method which allows for interaction that is not face-to-face, and may offer more introverted employees a chance to share their innovation in a preferred manner.

5. Ensure employees understand their company’s values, goals, and purpose.

To inspire creativity and invention, it’s vital that every employee fully understands what their company is doing and what it is about. Frequent training sessions or seminars can be a great opportunity to reinforce these factors to the team. Sharing company goals also keeps everyone on board.

6. Hire with diversity in mind.

A homogenised work environment can often turn stale, innovation-wise. To gather some diversity amongst your staff, be sure to hire people from a wide variety of backgrounds, education, and experience.

There are countless ways to promote creativity and productivity in the workplace, and these are just a few. With these 6 suggestions, you’re sure to have a business flowing with ideas and originality, but don’t stop there. Continue to build and experiment with new methods, working to push your business to the limits of ingenuity every day.

Published by: LMIT