What is a Quality Aussurance Management Plan? Part 2

Posted 31 October 2012 / 1 comment

Read Part 1 .3 Quality Assurance Process Improvement Plan The quality assurance process improvement plan is a subsidiary of the project management plan. The process improvement plan details the steps for analysing processes that will facilitate the identification of waste and non-value added activity, thus increasing customer value, such as: a. Process boundaries. Describes the

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What is a Quality Aussurance Management Plan?

Posted 25 October 2012 / No comments

Diploma Quality Auditing – Performing Quality Assurance Quality assurance (QA) is the application of planned, systematic quality activities to ensure that the project will employ all processes needed to meet requirements. A quality assurance department, or similar organisation, often oversees quality assurance activities. Quality Assurance concerns the entire project performance, not just the deliverables. QA

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Project Scheduling – How to Create an Activity List – Cert IV PM

Posted 9 October 2012 / No comments

Project Activity Definition: Outputs .1 Compiling the Activity List The primary output of decomposing the work is the activity list, which is a collection of all the work elements required to complete the project. The activity list is actually an extension of the work breakdown structure (WBS), and will serve as a fundamental tool in

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BSB51407 Project Management Diploma – Project Planning Components

Posted 2 October 2012 / 2 comments

Project Management Diploma Online – Using Planning Components Project team members or other experts who are experienced and skilled in developing detailed project scope statements, work breakdown structure (WBS), and project schedules can provide expertise in defining activities. When insufficient definition of the project scope is available to decompose a branch of the WBS down

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