How to write a Good Quality Audit Report

Posted 29 November 2011 / No comments

How to write a Good Quality Audit Report A good report should contain: Who performed the audit – we might, as management, want to ask for clarification of detail.  External authorities might want to establish the credibility or independence of the auditor. When the audit was conducted – we need to fix it in time

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Manage OHS – Investigate Incidents for Prevention

Posted 22 November 2011 / 1 comment

Manage OHS – Investigate Incidents for Prevention Many incident* reports blame technical failure and/or human error. Such statements create a smoke screen, which obscures the complexity of incident causation and creates an impression that the cause of an incident and injury are beyond the scope of management control. ‘Technical failure’ sounds as if inanimate hardware

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Human Resource Management Life Cycle

Posted 15 November 2011 / 1 comment

Human Resource Management Life Cycle According to AKS-Labs, the creator of Balanced Scorecard Designer, Human resources life cycle goes through the stages outlined in the article that follows. ‘Every employee undergoes a series of events as they climb up the career ladder. These series of events is what human resource experts call the lifecycle of

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Some Trainer tips to think about when putting together a Training Program

Posted 8 November 2011 / No comments

Identify Training Needs When putting together a training program, the overall need for training should be considered. In some cases it will be necessary to use an accredited training course and access information from the relevant Training Package, or it may be necessary to develop or research sources for training material, depending on the client

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Project Management Methodology

Posted 1 November 2011 / No comments

Project Management Methodology A project plan methodology is a structured approach to developing the project plan. Methodologies can be simple or complex and based on the project type, the requirements of the performing organisation, or multiple inputs. Organisations can use hard or soft tools to lead the project plan methodology. In its choice of hard

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