Occupational Health and Safety news for this week:

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1)      Asbestos Scare in WA 2)      Safety in Children’s Services and 3)      Forklift Incident costs Freight Firm $10K 1)      Asbestos scare in WA: More than a hundred workers at a State Government-owned power plant in Kwinana were sent home last Wednesday after fears of asbestos exposure. View the article here. 2)      Safety in Children’s Services: 

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This week we have news and headlines on Quality Assurance:

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1)      Quality checks- China is cracking down on cancer-cooking oil 2)      Quality testing- Mozilla confirms Critical Firefox bug and 3)      Toyota increases their VP’s in response to recalls 1) The food safety watchdog in China has ordered inspections of cooking oil nationwide as reports have said up to one-tenth of Chinese supplies were illegally made

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Studying or working in the OHS field? Check out the latest Occupational Health and Safety news for your industry here…

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1)      A new handbook has been released for preventing and responding to bullying at work 2)      News headline: Poor safety to blame for staff turnover and 3)      A new app has been released for assessing workplace risk 1) Bullying is a problem that can occur in any community, particularly in a workplace. So WorkSafe have

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Frontline Management News for this week

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1.    How companies today manage their frontline 2.   5 ways leaders can communicate change 3.    8 things that employees want from their leaders and 4.    6 steps to help reduce workplace stress 1. According to a McKinsey survey, many executives are unhappy with the performance of their frontline managers. Results show that

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Occupational Health and Safety News for this week include:

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1.      The release of a new WorkSafe handbook 2.      Managing risks of foil ceiling insulation and 3.      A safety alert for hot weather 1. WorkSafe have released a new handbook with guidelines for the safe use of ‘Earthmoving Equipment near Overhead Electrical Assets.’ These guidelines are for employers and operators of earthmoving

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