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  • The Best Way to Ask for a Recommendation

    The Best Way to Ask for a Recommendation

    Posted 13 July 2015 / No comments

    Whether its for a job or for admission into higher education or an internship program, at some point you will need recommendations from educators or previous employers. Here are some simple tips to getting solid recommendations.

  • Landing the Job: 5 Tips to Ace Your Interview

    Landing the Job: 5 Tips to Ace Your Interview

    Posted 3 July 2015 / No comments

    It's a no brainer you should always put your best foot forward in a job interview. But what exactly is your best foot and how do you know it's what employers are looking for?

  • What Makes a Great Boss?

    What Makes a Great Boss?

    Posted 22 June 2015 / No comments

    There's a fine art in finding balance between remaining an approachable and positive boss and being a tough and dependable leader. So what does it take to be a successful and effective boss?

  • Notes for Entrepreneurs:  Tips to Help You Choose the Right Business Partners

    Notes for Entrepreneurs: Tips to Help You Choose the Right Business Partners

    Posted 16 June 2015 / No comments

    How to select the right business partner? Here are a few tips for building a lasting partnership for a successful business.

  • 6 Habits of Great Public Speakers

    6 Habits of Great Public Speakers

    Posted 16 June 2015 / No comments

    The next time you have a speech or presentation to make, employ these 6 habits and watch your public speaking skills soar.

  • The Right Way to Ask For a Pay Rise

    The Right Way to Ask For a Pay Rise

    Posted 27 May 2015 / No comments

    Are you being paid what you're worth? Would you like to make more money? Do you have a salary review coming up? Here's some information you need to know to get the raise you deserve.

  • 8 Ways to Improve Productivity

    8 Ways to Improve Productivity

    Posted 6 May 2015 / No comments

    Productivity. It’s something we push for, measure, and desire greatly in

  • The 3 Networking Skills Everyone Should Have

    The 3 Networking Skills Everyone Should Have

    Posted 28 April 2015 / No comments

    Mention the word "networking" to nearly anyone in the career field and you're likely to get a bit of a grimace in reply. Why?

  • What our students say

    “The main reason I enrolled into this course was because I was looking to upskill myself and be a qualified trainer. There was also a fantastic promotion on at the time of my enrolment which I got a free course (OHS) when I signed up for the TAA. I had been running training sessions in my previous retail job, but could never get a proper training role as I didn't have the Cert IV qualification and that further encouraged me to take on this course. Currently, I'm working as an HR Officer for a utilities company and doing this course will help me progress further in the field. It could also allow me to move into the T&D area of the team which is ultimately where my passions lie (in training). This course is allowing me to brush up on my writing skills for reports and socialising skills utilising the online student portal. I've been the lucky few who have had a chance to do this course via blended and VELP and I'm finding the support from the staff and trainers to be my main source of motivation. They keep me grounded and focused on what I have to do to achieve what I originally set out to do. I am a great procrastinator as I find it quite difficult to cope being back in study, and having the constant help and reminders from LMIT, I am finding it easier to complete my course.”

    Sandra LimCertificate IV in TAA & Certificate IV in OHS at

  • What our students say

    “Having recently taken up a full time position as Quality Manager, I wanted to ensure I had the knowledge and tools to undertake the role successfully and wanted to build upon the knowledge I had already gained in the workplace. Since completing the course, I now have increased knowledge of continuous quality improvement methodology and the associated tools available and have been able to apply them successfully in my role. The course has also given me the knowledge to communicate effectively with other senior staff within the organisation and understand the critical requirements to ensuring a successful quality improvement program. I found that although I did the course externally, I had sufficient support from my online support officer and the course material and information provided was very good. By doing the course externally I could work at my own pace and could also apply many of the subject assignments to my workplace.”

    Robyn WareDiploma of Quality Management at

  • What our students say

    “The main reason I enrolled into the Cert IV TAA course was the offer of employment to become a trainer for an RTO and also due to redundancy at my previous employment. So I decided to embark upon a career change as I feel I could provide a valuable service to the training industry and help others gain potential employment. The course has helped me to achieve my goal which is to become a successful trainer and assessor in the Dangerous Goods and Construction sector. The course provided me with communication skills, inclusive learning skills, and the confidence that will enhance my prospects for future employment in my chosen profession. When I embarked upon this course on 26/03/2010 I really did not think I would attain the qualification as I have never attempted such an intense course but, with the support from Line Management my goal has now been achieved. I would finally like to say that all the team members at Line Management provided me with the knowledge and encouragement that I needed and were a key aspect to my personal development. This has provided me with a professional and positive outlook and given me the opportunity to gain additional skills required for future employment. I would like to thank Line Management Institute of Training for their excellent job.”

    Kevin WoodsCert IV Training and Assessment at

  • What our students say

    “I initially enrolled into this course to consolidate my life skills and work experience; this qualification will confirm my position in the OHS industry as an equal with a qualification to proud of. I have learnt many valuable skills such as the need for exhaustive planning and review of works; even if you believe your work is comprehensive there is always room for new learning. Initially it was difficult to get started however my trainer managed my situation with professionalism and enthusiasm by recognising my prior learning and current industry competency and collated my evidence to a successful outcome. Thanks to my trainer and the team. I will be directing my colleagues to Line Management Institute of Training.”

    Kevin CareyDiploma of OHS at

  • What our students say

    “Great course; learnt so many new things as well as reinforcing what I should already know. My instructor was the most able and helpful trainer, with great ability to bring the best out of me in the most positive way. It was interesting, challenging and informative. 10 points! I totally recommend it. I'm definitely proceeding with the Diploma course!”

    Icky GrubicCert IV in Quality Assurance at

  • What our students say

    “I enrolled in both the Quality Assurance Diploma and the OHS Diploma. I did this on my own to update my qualifications and learn additional skills to be more effective in my job role. Both Diploma courses have given me increased knowledge for my role, and reinforced the skills I have already possessed. The main thing I am learning from these courses is confidence in my own skills and abilities. I had skills and experience prior to these courses; however I had little to gauge myself against. The course criteria and my trainer have confirmed to me that I am carrying out my role effectively and appropriately. LMIT has exceeded my expectations as a training company by providing me with a trainer who, is knowledgeable in the course content and requirements, understands there are different fields where these requirements are met and as such differing methods of implementation and understands the value of experience of the student. There is great access to my trainer and support as requested; it is well received and respected. I would recommend LMIT to any prospective student. I intend on completion of my current courses to enrol in the Cert IV in Training and assessment course with LMIT and believe that the flexibility of the distance learning courses offered by LMIT will allow this to be undertaken successfully without detriment to my job's demands and my family life.”

    Chris MangallDiploma of OHS & Diploma of QA at

  • What our students say

    “Coming from a welder/fabricator trade background with several years of QC inspection experience within the oil & gas industry, it had been many years since I had been faced with any studying or assessments and not forgetting disciplined homework!!! Before I started the Cert IV in Quality Assurance, I had already spent a couple of years in a Quality Coordinator/Managers role within a global organization. With the exception of my experience and CV I really had nothing to prove my ability within Quality Management, not just to others but more importantly to myself. So I enrolled into the course to have the ability to confidently advance within Quality Management & Assurance to supplement my chosen career path. Anybody that sits down by them self & reads the ISO-9000 series cover to cover probably needs their head examined or they certainly will by the end of it. The Cert IV in Quality Management and Assurance takes you through ISO 9000/ABEF/BNQP etc step by step. I can honestly say that my own understanding of ISO and even my vocabulary has developed so much in the last few months that I regularly surprise myself. Before the LMIT course, I would never have pictured myself having the confidence to create meeting agendas, conduct interstate team meetings via conference calls or advise senior management on the best way forward for our organization. I now do this & so much more, on a daily basis. The skills that I have already gained are countless but the one major lesson I have learned is that with a little help & encouragement from motivated and knowledgeable people you can achieve pretty much anything. Line Management Institute of Training knows what you are going through and they are there for you when you need them. They understand that you are busy at work/home and that it's hard to stay disciplined and move forward with your studies. With my LMIT online trainer, forums and contacts I have all the support I need and can continually improve.”

    Alan SavageCertificate IV in Quality Assurance at

  • What our students say

    “The Training Consultants were always available and returned my enquiry when required. The enrolment process was very efficient and I received access to my course materials straight away! The LMIT Trainer support met all of my expectations and I would definitely recommend LMIT to my friends and family.”

    Marty HoganDiploma of Occupational Health and Safety at

  • What our students say

    “My training consultants were helpful and cordial, and very considerate of personal circumstances, particularly in relation to time frames. The LMIT website was valuable in providing the information I required for my course. All my enrolment needs were provided in a package with clear instructions and guidelines, and within a reasonable time frame. Trainer Support was valuable especially when my technology failed . They were well studied in their relative areas and could present the topics in a number of ways to communicate the content.”

    Sue FrickCertificate IV in Quality Management and Assurance at

  • What our students say

    “I chose LMIT because the learning options were very flexible. My course materials were excellent and the learning platform was easy to use too. The trainers were so professional and the support was great.”

    KellieCertificate IV in Quality Management and Assurance at

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